Taking the Long Way

It has been just over 53 weeks since Taking the Long Way was released, and I still highly recommend it. No longer is it as fresh in my mind, but I still give it rotation every now and then. It was nominated for 5 Grammys and deservedly won in all categories it was nominated for. Rick Rubin won producer of the year for his work on the album, among others.
I’ve been a Dixie Chicks fan since Fly was released in 1999. I probably heard them before that, and probably liked them, but “Ready to Run” is what I really remember. Then when “Long Time Gone” was released as a single, I was an even bigger fan, as that song, and the album, Home, is a great country/bluegrass album. In fact, the first time I heard “Not Ready to Make Nice” I was a little disappointed, as Home was so good.

Once the controversy began, and followed them around, I appreciated them all the more.

I had the chance to catch them on the Accidents and Accusations tour, and I am glad I did, as it was a killer show. Playing their own instruments, and lip sync free. And Natalie has one heck of a voice. So there isn’t too much else I’ll add for the moment, aside from give Taking the Long Way a listen, and then check out their previous albums!