311 – Don’t Tread on Me (summer)

I decided to give 311’s album Don’t Tread on Me some rotation. Before doing so, having listened to it a fair bit since it came out, I realised it is a pretty good summer album. That is to say, a good album to listen to during the summer time. I was also thinking it may have been released in the summer, which it was, August 16th, 2005. And currently we are well into summer (provided you are in the Northern Hemisphere), the 26th of August being the 36th day of summer, or the 35the full day. Definitely well into the summer heat, or the dog days of summer.

The album’s feel is quite laid back, soft, or mellow, yet still up tempo and catchy. The lyrical content is good as well. “Thank Your Lucky Stars” to me is about how we should be grateful we have what we do, such as a roof over our heads, food, family and friends. So many people in the world lack these basic things. “Speak Easy” is one that until I read the description from their website, I had no idea. It is ultimately about the teachings of Wilhelm Reich. It states on their website that he basically said any emotion we have we must let out, otherwise the emotion(s) will sit inside of us and manifest itself in ways that may be harmful to our health, hence “speaking freely” from the lyrics. Another topic the song touches is being free which as the lyrics state is liberating, being away from the city. This reminds me of the Dixie Chicks song “Wide Open Spaces”! Not too forget it is a catchy, “groovy” song!

All in all a good album to give a listen to this summertime, provided you have not heard it already. In that case, worth listening to again! Click the following links for lyrics and track by track info from the band. Don’t Tread on Me lyrics, and an inside look into the album.