Radiohead – In Rainbows

I’d say I have listened to In Rainbows a good dozen times, which really isn’t very much, but enough to say I think it is another solid Radiohead effort.

I feel it is a cross between their Kid A through to Amnesiac, with a bit of the more of the pre OK Computer Radiohead in there too.

“15 Step”, the leadoff track is one of my favourite tracks, as it has a good soft guitar line starting a few seconds in. So far I have mostly listened without looking at track titles or lyrics yet, but based on what I have heard, and paid attention while listening, I’d say it doesn’t disappoint in either of those departments.

Finally, the naming your own price to own the digital copy was a good idea, and I think successful in the long run with the discbox version having sold/selling well. A couple months after Radiohead released In Rainbows, EMI released a box set of all Radiohead albums, and the I Might be Wrong live mini album, and more recently a best of CD available with one or two discs, and DVD.