Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Trip the Light Fantastic (LP of the Week)

sebtripthelightfantasticThis week’s album of the week is Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s third, and most recent effort.

Trip the Light Fantastic was released almost a year and a half ago, on May 21, 2007.

I first heard the leadoff single, “Catch You”, and quite enjoyed it. I believe I only listened to it once, awaiting the release of the album.

It is hard to describe the album, as it has its own feel that is different from her previous work, yet at the same time, still within the same genre. Possibly different in she has matured somewhat as an artist. Different but the same in the way Kylie Minogue’s albums are from Light Years to the present. The preceding comes to mind, even if it may not be particularly the case.

The album starts off with the aformentioned leadoff single “Catch You”. It is a very up tempo, catchy song, that will have your feet getting busy with the main beats that stand out (:14-:20). Next is “Me and My Imagination”, the second single, which to me is a mid tempo track, yet still feels like an up tempo track. The third single, also the third track, “Today the Sun’s on Us” is a mid tempo track, but still a good one. What was ultimately cancelled as the fourth single, “If I Can’t Dance”, so she can release the first single of the upcoming new album, feels like Sophie of old, good, catchy, with a sense of humour.

“Catch You” was written by Cathy Dennis and Greg Kurstin. Cathy Dennis who has helped pen a few catchy tracks, including Kylie’s “Can’t Get You out of My Head”, Britney’s “Toxic”, and Kate Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl”. Every other song on the album Sophie Ellis-Bextor had a hand with.

“If You Go” is a song I’d put in my insanely good songs list. It is up there as one of my favourite tracks from the album, on an album where every track is of quality.

Worth a listen if you like dance, pop, or both. The All Music review ends by saying this is one of many releases in a good year for female fronted “electronic chart pop”.


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