Estelle – Shine (LP of the Week)


Another R&B album, however this one comes from the UK!

That would be Estelle’s sophomore effort, Shine.

Whereas Jully Black (see last album of the week) mostly sticks to R&B, Estelle’s Shine would be more R&B and hip hop.

The album features a host of producers and guests, despite this, it feels consistent, in that the album flows well, and all the tracks work both together and on their own.

Track six, “Come Over”, not featuring Sean Paul on the album version, was produced by Supa Dups, which explains the reggae feel on the track. It is mid tempo, but is still one that would have the listener nodding their head to. The remix featuring Sean Paul is the second North American single. I prefer the track without Sean Paul, as it does not need him. Not that I dislike Sean Paul, just feel it is Estelle’s track. The following track, “So Much Out the Way” is a fairly hip hop track that has some of Estelle rapping, it is one of two tracks produced by Wyclef Jean & Jerry ‘Wonder’ Duplessis. “In the Rain” is a non single that represents another quality track from the album.

“You Are” featuring John Legend has a slight retro feel, yet still feeling contemporary, as does “Pretty Please” which features Cee-Lo. “Magnificent” which features Canadian rapper Kardinal Offishall, is produced by Mark Ronson (Amy Winehouse, among others). I thought it had the feel of Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black, but this could be also since I just listened to Back to Black earlier today, and I only thought so after seeing he produced it.

Another positive track ends the album of the week, the title track, “Shine”. It is another track that Estelle raps in, and her rapping definitely has a UK rap influence, in the vein of UK grime.

If you are in a R&B/Hip Hop mood, you cannot go wrong with this album.


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