Quick Picks January 31 2009

A Fine Frenzy - One Cell in the SeaFirst off, A Fine Frenzy‘s debut, (a.k.a Alison Sudol) One Cell in the Sea. I have only listened to it a handful of times, but it is a quality effort. Genre wise I’d say pop, but more leaning towards adult pop, a certain free encyclopedia says adult alternative and piano pop. The album title comes from a lyric from track two, “The Minnow & The Trout”.

Finally, I was watching a Mando Diao video before knowing who they were (at least in the video), and thought they were pretty good. I knew of them, but have not got around to listening to them too much. So before I realised, I was thinking a British band, along the lines of Kasabian (another band I need to listen to more of). Anyway, they are Swedish! I had watched the video for “Long Before Rock ‘n’ Roll”. They have a new release coming out February 13, called Give Me Fire.


Deltron Zero

deltron3030I’m rotating Deltron 3030’s self titled release. Not much to say besides this is a must for any hip hop fan.

Deltron 3030 being Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Dan the Automator, and Kid Koala, “I want y’all to meet Deltron Zero, and Automator”.

Prior to Deltron, Dan the Automator worked on the excellent Dr. Octagon album, Dr. Octagonecologyst. Another must for hip hop fans. Anyway, to perhaps save a little time, Dr. Octagon is one of Kool Keith’s aliases.

Del tha Funkee Homosapien is Ice Cube’s cousin, his debut goes back to 1991 with the release of I Wish My Brother George Was Here. Deltron 3030 also featured Damon Albarn on the tracks “State of the Nation”, the intro track, and “Time Keeps on Slipping”. The precursor to a little group called Gorillaz. Deltron 3030 was released May 23, 2000.

There isn’t too much else I can add that cannot be found on the web. I can add some lyrics though. That is a good part of Del, (and hip hop) some of the lyrics. Deltron 3030 takes place in the year 3030.

Crush your corporations with a mild touch
Trash your whole computer system
And revert you to papyrus.

From “Virus”.

Upgrade your grey matter, cause one day it may matter.

From “Upgrade”.


I’m glad I love music and life
cuz it’s easy to see the pain and strife and end it all tonight

From “Madness”.

Honourable mention, Jordin Sparks debut

jordinsparksHonourable mention to Jordin Sparks self titled debut. No, you can’t get too much more commercial than her (well I suppose you can). I mean it in the way she is a product of American Idol, while being a mainstream artist.

I happened to catch her when there were only a few contestants left, and I thought she’d win.

So fast forward to today. “Tattoo”, and “No Air” are decent singles, but “One Step at a Time” is a very good track/single. It is also the only track she has writing credits for (not counting bonus tracks, which she has a few more credits to her name). Not a bad message either! “Freeze” is another highlight, along with “One Step at a Time”, they are my favourite tracks. “Shy Boy” could very well be a Brandy track to people not familiar with the genre. “Young and in Love” isn’t bad either. Robyn helped write the slow but good “See My Side”.

So all in all, a decent effort, she definitely has a future.