Honourable mention, Jordin Sparks debut

jordinsparksHonourable mention to Jordin Sparks self titled debut. No, you can’t get too much more commercial than her (well I suppose you can). I mean it in the way she is a product of American Idol, while being a mainstream artist.

I happened to catch her when there were only a few contestants left, and I thought she’d win.

So fast forward to today. “Tattoo”, and “No Air” are decent singles, but “One Step at a Time” is a very good track/single. It is also the only track she has writing credits for (not counting bonus tracks, which she has a few more credits to her name). Not a bad message either! “Freeze” is another highlight, along with “One Step at a Time”, they are my favourite tracks. “Shy Boy” could very well be a Brandy track to people not familiar with the genre. “Young and in Love” isn’t bad either. Robyn helped write the slow but good “See My Side”.

So all in all, a decent effort, she definitely has a future.


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