Jazmine Sullivan – Fearless (LP of the Week)

JS COMPS7Finally, a new album of the week. I am slow not for lack of content, just getting around to doing it, and choosing a good album I am currently listening to.

Jazmine Sullivan’s debut Fearless starts of with the great track “Bust Your Windows”. Her first single follows, “Need U Bad”, which has a strong reggae/Jamaican feel, save for the chorus which goes into a straight R&B track. Fused very well I might add. The bridge then continues combining both genres. Missy Elliot produced the track along with Lamb, and it features Pepa, as in Salt-n-Pepa, speaking in Jamaican Patois.

“Lions, Tigers & Bears”, clearly a reference, at the very least the title, to the great 1939 movie, “The Wizrd of Oz”, starts off with an orchestric track mixed with hip hop. Continuing with my noticing positive tracks, I feel this is an optimistic, positive, uplifting kind of song. I say kind of, as that is what I feel. It starts “I’m not scared of lions and tigers and bears”, and contains “I can climb mountains, swim cross the seas, but the most frightening thing, you and me”. So essentially nothing scares her, save for love.

“One Night Stand”, another great track, features what I reckon is a Justin Timberlake reference, where it says “take it to the bridge”, right before the bridge. I just thought I’d throw that in.

“After the Hurricane” is the first slow number, which can easily bring chills down the spine, slightly increases in tempo during the chorus. It is produced by Stargate, who also co-wrote and produced “Irreplaceable” (along with Beyonce herself and Shaffer Smith aka Ne-Yo).

“Dream Big” is fairly obvious by the title. It uses a sample from Daft Punk’s album Discovery. Sampled is the song Veridis Quo, which by itself isn’t too exciting, but sampled in Jazmine’s track makes it better. As opposed to Kanye West Sampling Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, where I prefer the original. It will be the first UK single, and the fourth overall.

“Fear”, a non single, is easily one of my stand out tracks, it brings chills down the spine, all while being a head nodding track. It is a great track no doubt.

“Live a Lie” has a retro feel to it, as does “Switch!”, however with a twist! The latter is no surprise as it samples “Your Cheating Ways” performed by the Marvelettes, an American singing girl group from the 60’s and 70’s.

It is worth mentioning that she wrote all the songs on the album!

Go to her official website, and check out this album!

Oh, and it is nominated for five Grammy’s (Best New Artist, Best Female R&B Vocal Performance for “Need U Bad”, Best R&B Contemporary Album, Best R&B Song for “Bust Your Windows”, and Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance for “I’m In Love With Another Man”.