Track Similarities (Amerie and Toni Braxton)

I was listening to Toni Braxton’s latest, Libra, and noticed the beginning of track four, “Take This Ring” sounded awfully familiar to Amerie’s “1 Thing”.

Before I continue, I might add I notice sometimes tracks sound familiar, or have similar elements, mostly though it is probably a coincidence.

So, upon looking into it, Rich Harrison produced the Toni Braxton track in question, as well as the Amerie track.

“Take This Ring” is the only track he seems to have been involved with on the Toni Braxton album, released September 27, 2005, whereas he was involved in numerous tracks on Amerie’s album Touch, released April 26, 2005.

Both tracks also contain a sample from The Meters. In Amerie’s case it is “Oh, Calcutta!”, and for Toni Braxton it is “Here Comes the Meter Man”.


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