Jem – Finally Woken (LP of the Week)

jemfinallywokenSo I should change to album of the month, but assuming I may actually start posting on a regular basis, I’ll keep it as is!

So obviously you, the reader, know what the album of the week is, as you would have read the post title, and seen the album cover. I’ll stop addressing in the second person now.

I decided to listen to Jem’s debut again, Finally Woken, and I knew it was a good album, definitely worthy of the album of the week, so alas it is.

The first time I heard Jem, was when I saw the video for “They”. This goes back to early 2004 or so, as her debut was released 24 May, 2004. I believe I noticed how she kind of looks like Melanie C, so that is not a bad thing!

The album starts out with “They”, which genre wise can sum up the album. It is pop, perhaps adult pop, utilising mostly beats as the backing element. “They” is a fairly chilling song. It describes “they”, questioning who “they” are. Perhaps big brother like. As shown in the video, it has a sample of what sounds like children playing. “Come on Closer” continues with a chilling element, perhaps even giving some chills down the spine. This track adds an orchestraic element, as well as electric guitar.

Speaking of orchestral arrangements, “24” has a good one. It starts with acoustic guitar, and soon adds the orchestra element, along with a beat, and soon electric guitar once again. In no way do I say it is copying, I am just reminded of “What a Diff’rence a Day Makes!”, the Dinah Washington version. That is definitely a chills down the spine song! That song reminds me of the great movie Run Lola Run, or Lola rennt, the original German title, as it is used within.

The album gets a little softer with “Wish I” and “Just a Ride”.

“Stay Now” has a very fairytaley (sic) sound and feel to it.

I usually write the review before looking it up too extensively, I am mostly referring to Wikipedia. So anyway, Jem along with Guy Sigsworth (Björk, Frou Frou), wrote “Nothing Fails”, which appeared on Madonna’s album American Life (22 April, 2003). It was somehow changed by Madonna, as she has a songwriting credit for the track as well. Read more at said free encyclopedia.

Jem’s sophomore album, Down to Earth, was released 16 September, 2008.


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