Track Similarities #2 (Lily Allen and Emilíana Torrini)

So I was listening to Emilíana Torrini’s latest, Me and Armini, and noticed the title track, “Me and Armini”, has a very similar intro as Lily Allen’s track “Smile”.

Lily Allen’s debut, Alright, Still, was released July 14, 2006, while Emilíana Torrini’s Me and Armini was released September 8, 2008.

The producer of Me and Armini was Dan Carey. Alright, Still was produced by several people as a whole, none of which are Dan Carey, however one of the Japan edition bonus tracks, “Cheryl Tweedy”, was produced by Dan Carey.

The similarity is in the guitar intro to each track. The guitar line continues throughout both songs, however it is the most evident at the beginnings. Since Dan Carey is only credited with said bonus track, who knows if he has any work that went uncredited elsewhere.


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