Public Enemy – How You Sell Soul to a Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul? (LP of the Week)

New Whirl Odor did not seem to get too much praise. I like it. I have not listened to it extensively, however I do find the first half of the album to be very good, and it slows a little for the end. I have listened to Rebirth of a Nation even less. How You Sell Soul to a Soulless pehysstaspwstsPeople Who Sold Their Soul? is surely the return of Public Enemy of old.

In “Sex, Drugs & Violence”, KRS-One raps “instead of sex, drugs, and violence we got love, purpose, and peace”, in a track that touches on rap and violence.

“Harder Than You Think” is a solid track, also the second single. If you are looking for (modern)true hip hop, look no further.

The P. F. Sloan written and Barry McGuire recorded song “Eve of Destruction” is covered. It unfortunately still rings true today.

Flavor Flav has a couple tracks of his own, “Flavor Man”, and “Col-Leepin”. Forget about his reality show endeavours, he can still lay down a quality track.

Public Enemy are still relevant today, both musically and topically.


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New Music Podcast

So I recorded this podcast just about one month ago. It took a few takes, as I am fussy, and do not like the sound of my voice.

It is fairly short, clocking in at 3:51. I have not listened to it since recording it, and do not care to. It took me all this time to find a decent podcast host. In the end I just put it at an old free web hosting site I am at. I plan on doing more podcasts in the future, and will eventually get my own dot com to host it properly.

In it I talk about Green Day, who to listen to instead of the new Black Eyed Peas album, and one or two other artists I can’t exactly recall.

Get it here!