Audioslave – Out of Exile (LP of the Week)

aooeOut of Exile, being Audioslave’s second album, and second to last. I really have to listen to the albums that are sandwiching this one. The eponymous debut, and Revelations, the final album from Audioslave.

Out of Exile is the one I am most familiar with, and feel, based on reviews that it is probably their best album. Again, I have to listen more to the others, but this is definitely deserving of the album of the week title.

The album starts with what was the third single, “Your Time Has Come”. Audioslave of course being Rage Against the Machine, but with Chris Cornell on vocals (as far as band members goes). And of course not as political. With that said, Tom Morello’s guitar skills are featured. The number 26th greatest guitarist of all time according to Rolling Stone. The track starts off with a nice guitar intro, and has a brief solo before the bridge. The accompanying bass line is not bad either.

The lead off single, “Out of Exile”, is track two on the album. It starts off quite mellow, and is generally a fairly mellow track. It also has a good albeit brief guitar solo in it.

“Doesn’t Remind Me”, the fourth and final single was rightly nominated for a Grammy in 2006 in the category of Best Hard Rock Performance but lost to System of a Down’s “B.Y.O.B.”. Also nominated that year in said category was Nine Inch Nails for “The Hand That Feeds”, Robert Plant for “Tin Pan Valley”, and Queens of the Stone Age for “Little Sister”.

Interestingly though, in my opinion some of Tom Morello’s best guitar work is on the tracks that were not singles. That is to not to say that the singles were not good. “Drive Me Slowly” features Tom Morello’s signature guitar playing fairly early on. It is the first album track that was not a single. “The Worm” also features some quality Tom Morello guitar playing, especially his work after the two minute mark.

“Man or Animal” is probably my favourite track, if just for the intro. It features a nice guitar and drum intro that will have you nodding your head. The bass soon kicks in, and the song kicks into high gear soon after that. The Tom Morello part of the track is probably also one of the best on the album.

I had not paid attention to the producer, so I was surprised to see it was produced by Rick Rubin, as was the Audioslave debut.

No doubt, this is a modern rock staple.


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