Quick Picks August 7 2009

jorlFirst is Joan Osborne‘s second studio album, Righteous Love. The follow up to her proper debut (since her first release was a live recording) which was her commercial breakthrough. It scored her the hits “One of Us”, “St. Teresa”, and “Right Hand Man”.

Righteous Love did not garner the attention of Relish. It does feel a little less accessible, yet it is still a good album. I believe I do prefer Relish, even though it has been a while, it has a bit more of a playful feel. My favourite track I would say would be “If I Was Your Man”. “Baby Love” is another good track.

apwiaSecond is Alice Peacock‘s third release, Who I Am. It is considered to be within the adult alternative/pop-rock genre. While she is also called a folk singer. I am not too familiar with folk, for the most part. However this release is fairly solid.

Her major label debut, her self titled second album, featured John Mayer and Emily Saliers from the Indigo Girls. Both guests being Sony recording artists, while her major lable debut was on Sony.

This album finds her back on her indie Peacock Music, in cooperation with Universal though.

“Time” has a bit of a jazzy feel to it, as does “I’m Still Here”. While “Runaway Day” is a good poppy number.

So all in all it is an album that would make for a good listen just about anytime.


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