Foo Fighters and 1995

I am listening to the quality debut from the Foo Fighters, 14 years ago (whew!), back in 1995.

Looking back, there were numerous great releases that year. I just thought, in another 14 years, we’ll look back at 2009 and say the same thing. There is a lot of lacklustre releases coming out nowadays, but the same surely applies for 1995. That aside, I am focusing on the positives.

Radiohead released The Bends (13 March 1995), Elastic released their self titled debut the next day. Another debut came from Supergrass, I Should Coco, 15 May 1995. And Oasis released (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? 2 October 1995.

On this side of the pond, The Presidents of the United States of America released their debut, The Presidents of the United States of America. No Doubt released their commercial breakout, Tragic Kingdom. And 311 released their self titled album.

In punk, Pennywise released About Time (13 June 1995), which in my opinion is easily in the top 5 of that era of new school punk. Rancid released …And Out Come the Wolves (22 August 1995), taunting the major labels, and staying on the indie Epitaph. And Green Day released their second major label album, Insomniac (10 October 1995).

A few others:

Pulp – Different Class
The Smashing Pumpkins – Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
Björk – Post
Blur – The Great Escape
Ben Harper – Fight for Your Mind
2Pac – Me Against the World
Garbage – Garbage

See more here: 1995 in music.


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