Name’s the Same for $100 Alex

Metallica and Kid Cudi – My World.

Two quite different songs, yet two very good songs. Metallica’s My World from St. Anger released June 5 2003, and Kid Cudi’s My World from Man on the Moon: The End of Day released September 15 2009.

I really enjoyed St. Anger, and “My World” is no exception. I really do not understand what is not to be liked. However I digress.

From Metallica’s track, I get the meaning as being, at least personally, that My World is my life and what it contains, and you cannot have it, as per the song lyrics.

Not only do I not know the answer
I don’t even know what the question is

are lyrics I have had stuck in my head numerous times.

For about ten seconds prior to those lines is a nice instrumental bit. Of course it definitely is not long enough.

Kid Cudi’s “My World”, as I mentioned in the LP of the week entry on the album, is a good spine chiller track.

The meaning from the track is quite different. Basically stating how back in the day he stated he’d be the “hot shit”, and well, as Billy Cravens sings, he told you so.

I think many people think that, and well, it is good to dream, it is also wise to be realistic. To make reference to another hip hop track, Nas’s “I Can”, and I quote,

I know I can (I know I can)
Be what I wanna be (be what I wanna be)
If I work hard at it (if I work at it)
I’ll be where I want to be (I’ll be where I want to be)

That’s it for this entry. Jeopardy reference of course, category wise, and also heralding the old days when single Jeopardy still had clues for $100!


Track review: Ida Maria – Oh My God

Until I followed along with the lyrics I didn’t really realise how unique this song is.

It really follows the basic song structure, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, etc. Just that the way it repeats it is hard to tell, and does not feel that way.

The verses basically are three words, repeated with three added on. For example,

Find a cure
Find a cure for my life

starts the song off, repeating that four times. The chorus is similar in style, but slightly more lengthy.

There are two bridges of sorts, if they can be called that. The first one includes the album title, Fortress Round My Heart, as there is no title track, and the next one is a sentence in the form of a question that relates to the chorus.

All in all, it makes the whole song feel like a chorus, and definitely a good listen, and a nice way to start the album.