Fefe Dobson – Fefe Dobson (LP of the Week)

Not just a stupid little pop/rock album.

I first heard of Fefe Dobson via the video for her song “Bye Bye Boyfriend”. I think I did not think too much of it at the time, a decent little pop/rock track. Little did I know at the time Fefe Dobson is quite the talented singer/songwriter.

Fefe has writing credits on all tracks, with help from Jay Levine on all tracks, and James Bryan McCollum on a few.

“Take me Away” was a standout track for me when I heard it, and it remains a very good track. The same can be said about “Everything”, the third single, a slower track, yet still catchy and infectious.

“Rock It ’til You Drop It” features none other than Tone Lōc! Before I realised it was Tone Lōc, I did not appreciate it until I did find out it was him. I remember thinking how he should record new material again too!

“Unforgiven” is a good emotional track, assuming it is based on actual events. Fefe’s father (I’d assume) having hurt her in certain ways. “We Went for a Ride” follows, a fairly simple song that manages to work well, as does the quasi hip hop/rock track “Give It Up”.

“Julia” begins with acoustic guitar and piano elements early on that make for a nice touch. I think the track would be interesting if it stayed that way, and did not add any percussion.

The reissue of the album with the fourth single, “Don’t Go (Girls and Boys)”, could also be thought of as a stand out track with its uniqueness. Lyrics that do not always make sense, and retro 80’s pop feel.

As a whole, a very solid debut, that set the table for the never released Sunday Love (thanks major labels! You did not hear it from me, but it is out there.), and the soon to be released Joy, which I discuss in my second podcast.


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