Track of the Day Fiona Apple – Not About Love (original version)

Don’t get me wrong, the proper re-recorded version is good. If I never heard the original, I’d surely like it more, however since the original is out there, it is a different story.

Reason being I prefer is the cello work in the original is outstanding, and works unbelievably well. Coupled with the piano intro (and throughout), it has me nodding my head to a relatively mid tempo track.

The re-recorded version loses the cello altogether and emphasises more on drums, performed by Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson. It still has the piano in the track, however I don’t feel it works as well without the cello.

Seattle Weekly critic Neal Schindler disagrees, “After the piano intro, Brion adds a baroque cello counterpoint before the vocals come in. Fine. But then Brion’s busy cello keeps hounding Apple, getting in your ear while you’re trying to figure out what the poor girl’s trying to say.”

If I want to hear what she is singing, I’ll follow along with the lyrics. Otherwise, it is all about the music. The re-recorded version also feels like it drags on just a bit long, however the bridge/breakdown is still present. Again, though I still prefer the original, the cello gives the song its feel. And I think more popular music should have cello in them, assuming it is done correctly, not haphazardly.

So this is entry one in a series I hope to keep going everyday, or close enough, even if it is a short entry. Additional information on “Not About Love” can be found at Wikipedia.


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