Currently Rotating (Post 2)

So this post is a sampling of what I am, and have been listening to lately.

I suppose I’ll get the highly commercial out of the way (not that that is necessarily a bad thing, being commercial that is).

Rihanna – Rated R

As you probably know whether intentional or not thanks to all the airplay she receives, Rated R is darker than her usual material. Obviously it is post a certain incident that happened. Surely that has played a part in the style, however, as my sister had said in the past, she has range. As was obvious with all the slew of singles from Good Girl Gone Bad and the Reloaded edition. Think “Disturbia”, yet darker still, but also a bit more evolved (I could not think of the right word, but that seems to work, referring to how her current singles feel a bit more produced and polished).

Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins – Rabbit Fur Coat

Not really my style, yet pretty good nonetheless. “The Big Guns” and “Rise Up with Fists!” are a couple pretty good tracks.

Kate Nash – Made of Bricks

Somehow Kate Nash came to mind, and I realised I never got around to listening to her debut, and now she has a sophomore coming out soon! Anyway, good stuff if you like Lily Allen. Kate is a bit more indie, but they do know eachother, and are similar.

“Mariella” is a really good ditty that reminds me of Regina Spektor, and especially from her album Begin to Hope

If Lily Allen has indeed retired from music, or on an indefinite hiatus, Kate will fill the void!

Basia Bulat – Oh, My Darling

She’ll be in Montreal on February 12, so I am listening to her again. A really good album, and she has a album, Heart of My Own due out soon! More tour dates at Basia’s official site.

I was browsing randomly on the web, and found my way to Esmée Denters on Wikipedia. She is Dutch and was signed by Justin Timberlake. Anyway, I found my way to a review on BBC, then clicked to the main reviews section, and they reviewed the new Basia Bulat! I have not read the review yet, however the subtitle to the review is “A patchy, but sporadically wonderful album from the Canadian singer.” So sounds good!

Pixie Lott – Turn it Up

I am still in the process of listening to this as a whole, but so far so good. Sounds like more good British music to say the least!

“Cry Me Out” is on now, sounds like another good throwback track.

Stacie Orrico – Beautiful Awakening

Religious views aside, as mine are probably about as far away from hers as possible, she is a good pop singer, and if I did not know otherwise I would not know anything about her religious views, as from what I can gather, they really don’t come out in her music, at least not in an Amy Grant way (I am guessing). Of course I have not read the lyrics really. For the most part they seem optimistic above all.


Serj Tankian – Elect the Dead Symphony

I was just listening to the second to newest Axis of Justice radio show/podcast, hosted by Tom Morello (Rage Agaist the Machine, Audioslave, The Nightwatchman) and Serj Tankian (System of a Down, Serj Tankian), and they played a track from his upcoming live symphony version of his solo release Elect the Dead.

They played “Empty Walls”. It was recorded with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra at the Auckland Town Hall, in Auckland, New Zealand last March. Elect the Dead Symphony will be released as a CD/DVD March 9. Just about 2.5 years after the great solo effort by Serj Tankian was released.

Check out the podcast at It is the podcast that aired November 27, 2009.

Serj stated that it was the best show he played in his life. He said how he never felt the dynamics before with a symphony, as compared with a metal band where there is no dynamics. Something to watch out for.

Track of the Day, Ignite – Poverty for All

I left off prior to this track when I was listening to Ignite’s most recent album, Our Darkest Days earlier today.

Overall, an excellent album. It would be an impossible task to choose just one song as a favourite.

I decided to go with “Poverty for All”, as it exemplifies the Ignite style, and also really what good hardcore/punk should be. Perhaps not stylistically, as that can change dramatically. However it is fast, catchy, melodic, and the lyrics mean something too. Very good brief intro, and it will have you nodding your head as soon as it starts up post intro.

I really have to get back to reading about politics, and political history, as I would not be able to do a very good job describing the lyrical content. Zoli Téglás, the lead singer of Ignite knows what he is singing about as he comes from a Hungarian background, being familiar with communism, and I believe he had a brother serving in Iraq, which brings truth to the lyrics in “Bleeding”.

To sum “Poverty for All” up in a lyric from the song, “the price of freedom, is worth it to me.”

Track of the Day Beth Rowley – So Sublime

I just started listening to Beth Rowley’s debut Little Dreamer recently.

“So Sublime” stuck out to me on the first listen as it could easily be a track from the 60’s or 70’s era soul/r&B. Perhaps Dusty Springfield meets Motown soul. I really need to work on my music from that era, but it gives a general idea.

Seems it was released as a single, and a video was made for it.