Track of the Day, Ignite – Poverty for All

I left off prior to this track when I was listening to Ignite’s most recent album, Our Darkest Days earlier today.

Overall, an excellent album. It would be an impossible task to choose just one song as a favourite.

I decided to go with “Poverty for All”, as it exemplifies the Ignite style, and also really what good hardcore/punk should be. Perhaps not stylistically, as that can change dramatically. However it is fast, catchy, melodic, and the lyrics mean something too. Very good brief intro, and it will have you nodding your head as soon as it starts up post intro.

I really have to get back to reading about politics, and political history, as I would not be able to do a very good job describing the lyrical content. Zoli Téglás, the lead singer of Ignite knows what he is singing about as he comes from a Hungarian background, being familiar with communism, and I believe he had a brother serving in Iraq, which brings truth to the lyrics in “Bleeding”.

To sum “Poverty for All” up in a lyric from the song, “the price of freedom, is worth it to me.”

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