Shiloh – Picture Imperfect (LP of the Week)

A surprisingly very good album from the 16 year old Canadian. I say surprisingly for the fact she is 16 years old.

As a whole this album is very solid, something I don’t think a one Ms. Lavigne could say about her debut (okay, I am a little biased, but I think she improved over time), and she was 17/18 when it was recorded and released. From the semi-serious third single, “Alright”, and “You’re Not Alone”, to the serious “I Remember” to the playful and catchy “Goodbye, You Suck”, Shiloh does a very honourable job performing all the styles and emotions.

“Strong Enough to Cry” is a slow paced almost ballad like song, yet executed well.

Like Shiloh said in a Youtube video, the album really isn’t one genre. Well it is for the most part a pop album, however “Operator (A Girl Like Me)” is heavily tinged in ska. “Get to You” has a fair amount of pop punk in it.

“Raise a Little Hell Now” is a good track that is a fun track as it sounds. I could not see it being a single for her, as it does not quite have the catchiness of her other two catchy ones (the singles), and has hell in the title. That does not mean it is not as good though. Also,
“Fight” is a positive kind of fight song.

With a quality debut under her belt, I’m looking forward to seeing what her future holds.


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