Shakira – She Wolf

Shakira returns with her fourth album, that is since she became a global star, and sixth overall. There is no escaping the first single, “She Wolf”, well, that is to say it is a love or hate track. And I quite enjoy it.

Four tracks were produced by The Neptunes, and co written by Mr. Pharell Williams (tracks 2 – 5). John Hill (of The Apples in Stereo fame, and also a major producer/songwriter for Santigold’s debut) and Sam Endicott of The Bravery are the ones that helped write “She Wolf”, while Hill helped produce. As is the case with “Men in This Town”.

The album is fairly eclectic, from the calypso elements of “Good Stuff” to the rock tinged “Mon Amour”. “Gypsy” does a good job of sounding like you may expect a song with that title would. Well, hard to really know what to expect, however it sounds like it fits well regardless.

After several listens, many tracks have been stuck in my head on numerous occasions. The very catchy “Did it Again”. “Men in This Town” with dance beats, unique delivery of the chorus, and the bridges with slight vocal modification ending with almost video game like sounds, does not disappoint. The Wyclef collaborated effort, “Spy” is another good example.

The Spanish version of “Did It Again”, “Why Wait”, and “She Wolf” all to a very good job of replicating the English version. I assume it is that order. Jorge Drexler helps out with the Spanish songwriting.

The All Music review sums it up well, the album “is giddily addicting”!


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