Lights – The Listening (LP of the Week)

Look up synthpop in the dictionary, and I think Lights will be pictured! That is not to say she is the only synthpop artist out there, or even the defining one. I am just referring to the fact the synthesizer plays a huge part in her music.

Slowly but surely, she has made a name for herself here in Canada. Of course she is Canadian, Toronto based, although born in Timmins, Ontario, where Shania Twain was.

“Drive my Soul” was her lead single from her self titled debut EP, and is also found on The Listening. After hearing her later singles, it really is not a stand out track, yet it fits well on the album. Her second single, “February Air”, one that continued to aid her rise to fame, has more of a single feel to it. And it characterises her music better.

“Ice” is a track that brings back the day when the synthesizer was the primary weapon of choice in music. However with the slick production of today, and her voice, keeps it current. As is the case with some elements from “Second Go”. For example the element used a few times briefly (for example about 12 seconds in) and the hand clap sounding sample used in the background. Ice being one of my favourite tracks on the album. I like the bridge how she sings quickly, and she ends it singing “ice ice baby!”. I wonder if that was intentional or not!

Some slower tracks take a little getting used to, yet still for the most part satisfy. And are probably necessary in this sort of album, although I have no doubt an album filled with all up tempo and catchy numbers would have worked. However since she is the primary songwriter, with writing credits on all tracks rounded out by either Thomas Salter or Dave Thomson, I do not have any qualms! The title track, “The Listening”, fits nicely in between, a well done mid tempo track.

Second Canadian LP of the week in a row, and second quality debut in a row! I am thinking of actually trying to post weekly too!


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