Song Name’s the Same for $200 Alex

So, for the second Song Name’s the Same post, the track is “Girl”, a version done by Destiny’s Child, and a version done by Beck.

Starting with the Destiny’s Child version.

I like the intro, it sounds like it is going to be a promising track. For the most part it is. I kind of feel the weak aspect is Michelle Williams singing the bridge. Not that she doesn’t have a good voice, but as her solo material would suggest, it is more suited towards gospel material.

I’d have to say I prefer the Beck song with the same title. The Beck track was written and produced by The Dust Brothers, while the Destiny’s Child song was written by a slew of people, including the group itself, Rodney Jerkins, Patrick Douthit, etc. The latter producing alongside Beyoncé.

Both tracks were singles, and released in 2005. March 16 for the Destiny’s Child one, and July 4 for Beck. The album “Girl” appears on for Destiny’s Child, Destiny Fulfilled, aptly titled for their last, was released November 15, 2004. While Guero, where Beck’s appears, was released March 29, 2005.

Beck, the multi-instrumentalist he is, shows off his guitar playing in the track (I am assuming it is him), with some slide elements in there.

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