Music Video Playlist February 27, 2010

A couple months ago I posted, “A Few Thoughts on Music Videos”, anyway, I just watched a few music videos in succession, and thought I’d post the playlist along with a bit of text commentary if you will.

Here is the playlist:

Brick & Lace – Bad to Di Bone
Pink – Funhouse
Rah Digga – Breakfool
Sugababes – Overload
Sugababes – Run for Cover

I liked the Brick and Lace video for the sole reason the singers Nyanda and Nailah Thorbourne are in it. The video was nothing too special, but Nyanda and Nailah Thorbourne are definitely easy on the eyes! It was the first time I saw the video for that song. It seems it was one of two songs that was released on the re-release of their album that was not on the original Love is Wicked album.

Pink’s video for “Funhouse”, again nothing too spectacular. The video provides imagery that works with lyrical content. I was watching the uncensored version thank you very much! Oh, and Ms Moore is not too bad looking in the video either!

I had never seen the video for Rah Digga’s “Breakfool”. It was nice to see her. It is too bad her album from circa 2004 Everything Is A Story never saw the light of day. The video version I believe is slightly different from the LP version. The video version seems to have more pronounced beats.

The last two, old Sugababes videos from the original line up, and first album. “Overload” being the first singe, and “Run for Cover” the third single. “Overload” is a pretty good video, as it is mostly just the group members singing their respective parts. And assuming it is true to the studio version, we get to see exactly who is singing when, and who is involved in the vocal melodies. “Run for Cover” is not too great, but not a bad early Sugababes track.


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