Jully Black – The Black Book (LP of the Week)

It is about time I had a new album of the week, and I procrastinated a bit, however I decided upon this one, for more than one reason.

Firstly, I had to continue with the Canadian albums, this being the third consecutive, especially after the huge hockey win by Canada at the Olympics! Defeating the U.S. in overtime on our home soil!

Secondly, and most importantly, it merits it!

So The Black Book is Jully’s third released album. It is considerably different from her last album, Revival. Think Taking the Long Way. It is far from your standard R&B album, as it contains a considerable amount of live instrumentation, notably a lot of rock based work.

To be honest, some songs are still slowly but surely growing on me. Think Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends.

The LP starts off with the first single, “Running” (Youtube). If you are a runner, I’d say this is a good song to run to. Not only that, but it is a positive track too. It is more of a standard R&B song musically, yet feels different. Hard to explain, however it fits in well with the style of The Black Book.

“The Plan” is a very nice slow jam, with very evident live drumming backing the track. “Recalculate”, as in recalculating GPS directions (not really), as we are led to believe by the intro, is a good example of said rock based R&B track.

So I have mentioned how I do not read reviews of an album before I review it, however I checked out the review on straight.com, and it ends with what is mentioned in the Jully Black bio, “if it doesn’t give you chills, it’s not in the will”. Track six, “Love U 4Ever” certainly delivers on said promise.

Another nice track with rock mixed in with R&B, especially the guitar, is “What is This?”.

On the same bio page listed above, Jully writes how she feels The Black Book feels more like her sophomore album due to the success of Revival.

A very good album, which feels like she has definitely evolved musically. Quite unique too really. Oh, and genre wise, “it’s Dance, it’s Urban, It’s Rock, it’s DURBAN ROCK!”


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