New Rah Digga LP soon!?

Well, seems like this time it is true! Probably best not to hold our breath. As is the case for the third and supposedly final Dr. Dre release! Looks like it will be titled Classics.

Seems there will not be any featured guests on the album (“Hey, you want Rah Digga, you gonna get Rah Digga”). I could not be happier to hear that. That is something that at times can be annoying in my opinion. If I want to listen to Trina, for example, I want to hear her and not umpteen other rappers (not that they themselves are bad), and numerous skits, interludes, etc. For that reason I don’t listen to a fair amount of female hip hop. And in general I don’t listen to too much that is loaded with skits and guests. I suppose that is certain cases would be a certain sub genre of hip hop/rap. When done well it is okay, for example Masta Killa, or Jurassic 5. I might just have to listen to Still da Baddest though, as it does not seem as guest laden as Glamorest Life.

Anyway, read more about it at or XXL.


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