Bad Religion quote #3

From the rare, and frequently misunderstood Bad Religion release, Into the Unknown, comes quote #3. It comes from the song “Chasing the Wild Goose”.

Millions and millions chase the wild goose tonight.
To conquer loneliness they’ll chase it all their lives,
And when they find it they can just lay down and die.
It seems the game is mostly pointless in the presence of the prize.

I will not give my full thoughts on this, however for the most part, whatever you think the ‘wild goose’ would represent, I think many people may end up wasting their lives attempting to attain said ‘prize’.

If you are looking for another Suffer, or Against the Grain, etc. Into the Unknown is the wrong release.

As it turns out, Bad Religion members Brett and Greg Graffin were into progressive rock before being into punk, as Brett Gurewitz puts it, “prog back then was the kind of music you’d listen to if you were avant garde. You could listen to glitter rock or prog and those were the alternatives to the mainstream” (from Brett’s commentary on recording Into the Unknown.).

I also like the song “Time and Disregard” from ITU. Basically in four parts, or four verses really (sounds better as parts!), it is told from the perspective of some animal whose land has been raped if you will, by man and his erecting of buildings in the open spaces nature occupies. Thus taking away the space of the animals. “Time and Disregard” was written by Greg Graffin. “Chasing the Wild Goose” was written by Brett Gurewitz.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, “Time and Disregard” is a 7 minute Bad Religion song!

Commentary from Greg Graffin on playing ITU live, Brett Gurewitz on recording ITU, and full lyrics at the Into the Unknown album page at


BBC Sound of 2010

Ellie Goulding tops said list.

I am just listening to her recently released debut, Lights, for the second time. Based on my early impressions, she definitely deserves the title.

Highlights so far include “Starry Eyed”, and “The Writer”.

Others on the BBC list this year include Marina and the Diamonds, Rox, Owl City, Daisy Dares You, and so on.

Past winners include Little Boots (2009), Adele and Duffy (2008), Mika (2007), Corinne Bailey Rae (2006), The Bravery (2005), Keane (2004), and 50 Cent (2003).

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Bad Religion quote #2

From the first Bad Religion long player, How Could Hell Be Any Worse?, and the song “Fuck Armageddon…This Is Hell” comes quote #2, actually a multi quote post. Three for one!

There’s people out there that say I’m no good
Because I don’t believe in things that I should

Cough, religion, cough. Oh sorry. (For coughing).

Countries manufacture bombs and guns
To kill your brother for something that he hasn’t even done

That is fairly self explanatory.

Smog is ruining my lungs, but aren’t sorry they’ve done wrong
They hide behind their lies that they’re helping everyone

Case in point, Exxon Mobil Corporation. Especially with their new research and development advertisements. Not to forget bp (formerly The British Petroleum Company) and their mess with the Canadian Oil Sands. To be kind, and not exclude, I’ll say big oil in general.

Brian Baker, Bad Religion guitarist, and member since 1994 said how “the meat of Bad Religion is in the message” (see Brian Baker Guitar Lessons on Youtube.). With that in mind, I think it is good to be educated, and you cannot go wrong using Bad Religion lyrics as a launching point.

With that in mind, I’d recommend reading It’s the Crude, Dude: War, Big Oil and the Fight for the Planet by Linda McQuaig. Among others, there’s also Tar Sands: Dirty Oil and the Future of a Continent by Andrew Nikiforuk. I have not read the latter, but have to get to reading it, among others. To get started, read about the oil sands on Wikipedia.

Commentary from Brett Gurewitz on recording How Could Hell Be Any Worse?, and full lyrics at

Bad Religion quote #1

See my body it’s nothing to get hung about
I’m nobody except genetic runaround
Spiritual era is gone and it ain’t coming back

This started it all.

Bad Religion from Bad Religion, by Bad Religion of course.

Okay, so the song is Bad Religion, from their self-titled debut ep.

In a very brief nutshell, this can summarise Bad Religion.

We as humans are just carbon based beings that have been duplicating (in a matter of speaking) and reproducing ourselves for a few hundred thousand years, or thereabouts, having evolved from much simpler life forms.

As far as the spiritual era is concerned, it certainly is not like it used to be that is for sure. Scientists will not be burnt at any stake anytime too soon. The knowledge is out there, of course there remain skeptics out there.

I think the best thing is to get educated before drawing conclusions.

In Along the Way Greg Graffin stated how he regretted the Crossbuster logo, as it would turn away religious people he felt could benefit from listening to Bad Religion.

30 Bad Religion Quotes for 30 Years

Stay tuned, I have 30 posts coming up, each a Bad Religion quote. All will be personally chosen by me. 30 quotes, of course representing their 30 years as a band.

They will span the career of Bad Religion.

The new Bad Religion live LP comes out just shy of a month via digital download, May 18, 30 Years Live.

Perhaps not the best punk band, but they are up there.

Double LP of the Week Marina and the Diamonds – The Family Jewels and Ladyhawke

Having returned from being out of town for a few days, and not really listening to music, two albums that I listened to before leaving ended up causing a few of their songs to be stuck in my head at various points. I’ll start with the most recent release.

Ever since the first, and subsequent listens, the Marina and the Diamonds debut, The Family Jewels, has only kept getting better. I wrote a brief review a few weeks ago.

The lead off track, “Are You Satisfied”, is a fairly standard indie pop track, in that it is not especially unique. That is not to say it is bad at all. However “Shampain”, an intentional misspelling of Champagne, is quite good. It is apparently a forthcoming single. “I Am Not a Robot” is a very good track, it has been stuck in my head numerous times. One that I do not mind going around in my head at all!

“Mowgli’s Road” is another that had been going around in my head. More so just the rhythm, as I have not followed along with the lyrics very much. Alongside with the video, it definitely feels like it is telling a story. Speaking of the rhythm, it is one that is well worth following the beat with the feet!

The next track, actually the first single released as a double a-side with “Mowgli’s Road”, is a slower song, and fits well with “Are You Satisfied”, in that it does not have anything special about it, aside from being a good track. I did not link the video for it in my mini review, so here it is on Youtube, “Obsessions”.

“Hollywood”, is about celebrity culture, not to mention the American Dream as well. The video does a nice job satirising just that. “Hollywood” was the first song I heard from Marina and the Diamonds, and how she states about not wanting to be the ‘typical‘ pop star, I do not think she has to worry about that. Quoting from the song a good line,

“Oh my god, you look just like Shakira
No no, you’re Catherine Zeta”
Actually, my name’s Marina.

As I mentioned in the mini review, “The Outsider” has some new wave aspects in it, even feeling like it goes back to the 80s.

The latter third of the album settles down a fair amount. I like how she can manage songs that do a good job storytelling, and do not necessarily stick with the standard songwriting structure, “Rootless”, for example. And Marina can also do the silly, zany tracks well, as well as more standard songs, while keeping them good.

I have no doubt that she does have a future. I would like to see her have more songwriting to her name.

The next album is one that has been out for a while, but I only really started listening in full relatively recently. It is the self-titled debut from New Zealand’s Ladyhawke.

Ladyhawke’s Ladyhawke, real name, Phillipa “Pip” Brown, would probably be more indie rock, and also has new wave elements, however more in the vein of Goldfrapp, or Ladytron. Therefore leaning toward synthpop or electropop.

I am partially surprised that “Manipulating Woman”, the second track, was not a single, as it is definitely catchy, and has been one that has been stuck in my head as noted in the introduction to this blog entry.

The album does have a throwback to the 80s a tad, however as the CMJ review put it, “nostalgic but modern and (just slightly) more grown-up.”

I kind of find the album hard to describe, but the fact it contains electro and synth elements says plenty. Perhaps Ladytron junior, or a more playful version of Ladytron.

The fact that she writes all her songs, and is a multi-instrumentalist to boot says a lot about Phillipa.

Check out the NME video Track by Track.

The videos:

Back Of The Van
Paris Is Burning
Dusk Till Dawn
My Delirium

Obligatory links:

Future Music (April 2010 edition)

Kings of New York City Hardcore (I think it’s safe to say), Sick of it All, return with Based on a True Story, on April 20 on Century Media as opposed to Abacus Recordings (former sub label of Century Media).

A week later, Nobody’s Daughter, Hole‘s fourth, and first since Celebrity Skin in 1998 (Time Flies)! And six years since her solo album America’s Sweetheart. Apparently much of Nobody’s Daughter having been penned while Courtney was in a rehabilitation centre.

Toni Braxton‘s Pulse is scheduled for a May 4 release.

The highly anticipated Janelle Monáe debut long player, The Arch Android, looks to be scheduled for May 18.

Also May 18, it looks like Bad Religion‘s second live set will be released. Albeit as a digital download on their website. Aptly titled, 30 Years Live, to celebrate their 30 years! Whew, I was only being born when they were getting started! Stay tuned for a series of posts celebrating this achievement!

Fefe Dobson‘s second (third really) album Joy, looks like it is set to be released June 15, and has an official album cover according to Wikipedia.

Also June 15, some more Canadian Content, Sarah McLachlan will release The Laws of Illusion. Four years since Wintersong, and seven (!!!) since Afterglow. Okay just over 6.5 years to be fair.

Apparently a new release from Nelly Furtado and Danzig on May 25. Not to forget Stone Temple Pilots and Smashing Pumpkins.

And in some poppy stuff, Kerli, has a new album coming up too. I never listened to Love Is Dead, however I may have to. I did not know she is Estonian!

Also someone by the name of Christina Aguilera has a new album in June called Bionic. Ladytron, Sia, and Linda Perry are a few producers. Sounds like it may be interesting. Goldfrapp is said to be involved too. DJ Premier produced some tracks, but they did not make the cut.

Classic Albums (that will not be featured on the tv show)

Punk rock helped turn me into a music fanatic. And one sub genre, hardcore was probably my next favourite punk sub genre. And a sub genre of hardcore, youth crew, is where this classic album fits in.

Gorilla Biscuits, featuring Anthony Civarelli on vocals, later of CIV fame, only released two albums, Start Today being the second and last.

I’m listening to the remastered version from 2006. However I do own this album on cassette. Regardless, a great release from the youth crew genre. Youth crew having been started by Youth of Today only a few years earlier.

Start Today was released in 1989.

Off to the races with the start of the great opening track, “New Direction”. All the way to the final track, “Biscuit Power”, the pace stays fairly quick. With “Start Today” it slows a little, and feels a little CIV like, almost a little of “Can’t Wait One Minute More” even! It even fits a little harmonica in.

“Competition” manages to slow it down in the middle of the track and have a whistling part too, albeit very very brief.

“Sitting Around at Home” is a different track, also a Buzzcocks cover (from A Different Kind of Tension).

Track two, “Stand Still”, starts off with these lyrics:

Sitting down on a couch, you watch, a fucking slave to a TV show.
You thought before but you sat and dropped.
What did you learn? You don’t even know.
And I kid myself but my eyes are glued on this thing.
It steals my time and it wastes what I’ve learned.
I’m holding out for a better deal, for something real.

And continues… Something to ponder.