Classic Albums (that will not be featured on the tv show)

Punk rock helped turn me into a music fanatic. And one sub genre, hardcore was probably my next favourite punk sub genre. And a sub genre of hardcore, youth crew, is where this classic album fits in.

Gorilla Biscuits, featuring Anthony Civarelli on vocals, later of CIV fame, only released two albums, Start Today being the second and last.

I’m listening to the remastered version from 2006. However I do own this album on cassette. Regardless, a great release from the youth crew genre. Youth crew having been started by Youth of Today only a few years earlier.

Start Today was released in 1989.

Off to the races with the start of the great opening track, “New Direction”. All the way to the final track, “Biscuit Power”, the pace stays fairly quick. With “Start Today” it slows a little, and feels a little CIV like, almost a little of “Can’t Wait One Minute More” even! It even fits a little harmonica in.

“Competition” manages to slow it down in the middle of the track and have a whistling part too, albeit very very brief.

“Sitting Around at Home” is a different track, also a Buzzcocks cover (from A Different Kind of Tension).

Track two, “Stand Still”, starts off with these lyrics:

Sitting down on a couch, you watch, a fucking slave to a TV show.
You thought before but you sat and dropped.
What did you learn? You don’t even know.
And I kid myself but my eyes are glued on this thing.
It steals my time and it wastes what I’ve learned.
I’m holding out for a better deal, for something real.

And continues… Something to ponder.

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