Future Music (April 2010 edition)

Kings of New York City Hardcore (I think it’s safe to say), Sick of it All, return with Based on a True Story, on April 20 on Century Media as opposed to Abacus Recordings (former sub label of Century Media).

A week later, Nobody’s Daughter, Hole‘s fourth, and first since Celebrity Skin in 1998 (Time Flies)! And six years since her solo album America’s Sweetheart. Apparently much of Nobody’s Daughter having been penned while Courtney was in a rehabilitation centre.

Toni Braxton‘s Pulse is scheduled for a May 4 release.

The highly anticipated Janelle Monáe debut long player, The Arch Android, looks to be scheduled for May 18.

Also May 18, it looks like Bad Religion‘s second live set will be released. Albeit as a digital download on their website. Aptly titled, 30 Years Live, to celebrate their 30 years! Whew, I was only being born when they were getting started! Stay tuned for a series of posts celebrating this achievement!

Fefe Dobson‘s second (third really) album Joy, looks like it is set to be released June 15, and has an official album cover according to Wikipedia.

Also June 15, some more Canadian Content, Sarah McLachlan will release The Laws of Illusion. Four years since Wintersong, and seven (!!!) since Afterglow. Okay just over 6.5 years to be fair.

Apparently a new release from Nelly Furtado and Danzig on May 25. Not to forget Stone Temple Pilots and Smashing Pumpkins.

And in some poppy stuff, Kerli, has a new album coming up too. I never listened to Love Is Dead, however I may have to. I did not know she is Estonian!

Also someone by the name of Christina Aguilera has a new album in June called Bionic. Ladytron, Sia, and Linda Perry are a few producers. Sounds like it may be interesting. Goldfrapp is said to be involved too. DJ Premier produced some tracks, but they did not make the cut.


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