Bad Religion quote #3

From the rare, and frequently misunderstood Bad Religion release, Into the Unknown, comes quote #3. It comes from the song “Chasing the Wild Goose”.

Millions and millions chase the wild goose tonight.
To conquer loneliness they’ll chase it all their lives,
And when they find it they can just lay down and die.
It seems the game is mostly pointless in the presence of the prize.

I will not give my full thoughts on this, however for the most part, whatever you think the ‘wild goose’ would represent, I think many people may end up wasting their lives attempting to attain said ‘prize’.

If you are looking for another Suffer, or Against the Grain, etc. Into the Unknown is the wrong release.

As it turns out, Bad Religion members Brett and Greg Graffin were into progressive rock before being into punk, as Brett Gurewitz puts it, “prog back then was the kind of music you’d listen to if you were avant garde. You could listen to glitter rock or prog and those were the alternatives to the mainstream” (from Brett’s commentary on recording Into the Unknown.).

I also like the song “Time and Disregard” from ITU. Basically in four parts, or four verses really (sounds better as parts!), it is told from the perspective of some animal whose land has been raped if you will, by man and his erecting of buildings in the open spaces nature occupies. Thus taking away the space of the animals. “Time and Disregard” was written by Greg Graffin. “Chasing the Wild Goose” was written by Brett Gurewitz.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, “Time and Disregard” is a 7 minute Bad Religion song!

Commentary from Greg Graffin on playing ITU live, Brett Gurewitz on recording ITU, and full lyrics at the Into the Unknown album page at


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