Bad Religion quote #6

Comes from No Control. Another two for one post. And I am sure I’ll be revisiting No Control once I have gone through the major releases.

Big bang, big crunch, you know there’s no free lunch.
Kneel down and pray, here comes your judgment day.
Big crunch, you know, it’s gonna be quite a show.
What goes around always comes around, yeah.

I could not resist this quote as it gives me the opportunity to tie in astonomy with Bad Religion.

For those that do not know, The Big Bang is the widely accepted theory of the beginning of the Universe and everything. The Big Crunch, not as widely accepted, however similar to the Big Bang, being the beginning, while the Big Crunch is the end. The Big Crunch, as Wikipedia puts it, “is one possible scenario for the ultimate fate of the universe.”

I am far from an expert in astronomy, or cosmology. However from what I have read, one theory is that the Big Bang, and Big Crunch could be a cyclical thing. That is, that we could be living in the second or third, etc. universe. Perhaps eventually it will collapse again (Big Crunch) and start all over again. This came to me with the last line of the quote, what goes around comes around. The karma type quote.

“Big Bang” was written by Brett Gurewitz, and your guess is as good as mine as to what it actually means. I kind of see it as we are all on this planet, for the most part taking it for granted, going about our lives. In time (a LOT of time!) humans will no longer exist (as with Planet Earth). Unrelated, but perhaps sooner than we would like if we do not remedy things.

Finally, I’ll add a quote from the title track which ties into the above.
And it is a Bad Religion quote from “No Control”, yet they have borrowed the quote for the song.

There’s no vestige of a beginning no prospect of an end.

It is credited to James Hutton from 1795 (read more at Google Books, albeit partial view). Not a surprise that Greg Graffin wrote the song, as Hutton “was a Scottish geologist, physician, naturalist, chemist and experimental farmer” (Wikipedia again). Greg Graffin of course has a Ph.D. in Evolutionary Biology, although his “dissertation was officially a zoology Ph.D” (Wikipedia) and he calls himself a “a doctor of Zoology” (The BR Page).


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