Future (a.k.a. new) music – June 2010

Well, as I mentioned in my last future music post from April 11, Janelle Monáe‘s new album comes out this Tuesday!

The new Nelly Furtado has been delayed, at this moment after summer sometime. The new Danzig, Deth Red Sabaoth, looks like it will be released June 22.

Rah Digga’s Classics looks to be sometime this summer.

Other releases:

M.I.A.‘s interestingly titled /\/\/\Y/\ (Maya using all slashes save for the Y), will be released July 13.

Rye Rye, the Baltimore rapper, and first act M.I.A. signed to N.E.E.T. is scheduled to release her debut soon. She stated June 29 (in a VEVO interview during SXSW 2010), however based on recent tweets of hers, and her Facebook page, from around May 11, I’d guess it may not be that soon, as she is in the studio with The Neptunes.

SiaWe Are Born, June 22 (Wikipedia June 7, her recent tweet is June 22).
Sarah HarmerOh Little Fire, June 22.
HelmetSeeing Eye Dog, June 22.
StarsThe Five Ghosts, June 22.
Kylie MinogueAphrodite, July 2.
Sophie Ellis-BextorStraight to the Heart, August 2.


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