Bad Religion quote #7

A no brainer for me on this one. It comes from my favourite Bad Religion album (and many others as well), Against the Grain. The song being “Modern Man”. This being my all time favourite Bad Religion quote/song.

My reason for this being my favourite Bad Religion album, aside from it is a really good one, is that I purchased this on vinyl, and there’s something about listening to music on vinyl. And in this case the giant lyric sheet was nice!

I’ve got nothing to say,
I’ve got nothing to do, all of my neurons are functioning smoothly yet still
I’m a cyborg just like you

It continues…

I am one big myoma that thinks, my planet supports only me,
I’ve got this one big problem: will I live forever?
I’ve got just a short time to see
Modern man, evolutionary betrayer, modern man, ecosystem destroyer,
modern man, destroy yourself in shame, modern man,
pathetic example of earth’s organic heritage
When I look back and think, when I ponder and ask “why”?,
I see my ancestors spend with careless abandon,
assuming eternal supply
Modern man.., just a sample of carbon-based wastage, just a fucking tragic epic of you and I.

Moving on, the new Bad Religion live album, 30 Years Live, is out now. It is a free download, and it can be obtained by joining their mailing list. The link to do so can be found here.

I’ll continue with the quotes, hopefully with less time in between. And as I mentioned in the last post about No Control, I’ll definitely be revisiting Against the Grain.

So, again, happy 30th BR, and looking forward to LP 15!


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