Quick Picks May 21 2010

Night Bugs is Sarah Slean’s second album, and first released on a major label. It was released in 2002. Genre wise I’d say it is adult alternative, somewhere between pop and rock. Think Tori Amos. I do not believe a video was made for this album, however “Sweet Ones” is a very good up tempo track. “Weight” is another good one.

Another mellow album I have listened to recently (slightly more mellow than Sarah Slean) is Maria Taylor’s solo debut, 11:11. Maria Taylor genre wise is more indie pop. The lead off song, “Leap Year” sets the tone of the album nicely as I like to say. I would not really say they are alike, however it is kind of reminiscent of some of Emilíana Torrini’s work. “One for the Shareholder” has slightly more tempo to it than most tracks. It also adds some electronic elements, namely some background beats to back the track. Perhaps aptly titled as the song that would be released as a single. The song title does not come up in the lyrics.

Both are good eine kleine nachtmusik, or any time of the day really!


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