New country music releases

I don’t listen to too much country music, as I am fairly particular about what I like. However I still like a fair amount. I probably started listening to it thanks to Shania Twain, and fellow female country artists of that time. I am thinking around 1995 to the end of the 90’s. To steal the hip hop time period (the golden age of hip hop), that was probably the golden age of female country/pop music. As that was a very influential time. Chely Wright was another singer I listened to when she released Single White Female.

I have been listening to a little old Dolly Parton, and old Tanya Tucker a few months ago. Still much to listen to.

On my Recently Rotated sidebar feature to the left, I listened to Liam Howlett’s Back to Mine album. The Back to Mine were a series of what artists would generally listen to, as oppose to what they were influenced by directly, or what they may DJ as the case may be. He had Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” listed. Definitely some staple country music.

Anyway, on with the new releases.

Speaking of Chely Wright, she has a new album out, it is titled Lifted Off the Ground. It is her first in five years since The Metropolitan Hotel. With the latter she focused more on country than pop/country. I have not heard her new release, however it seems reviews are positive.

Shelby Lynne has a new album out called Tears, Lies, And Alibis. Younger sister Allison Moorer also has a new album out, Crows. She was just on The Tonight Show not with Conan O’Brien a few nights ago.

Finally, I was surprised to see Tift Merritt has a new album after seeing it on the reviews page at BBC. It is due out this Tuesday, it is titled See You On The Moon. It is her fourth. I have not listened to her since her first two releases. And in 2008 she released Another Country.

All of these releases are more traditional country, as opposed to country/pop. The album covers for your viewing pleasure (I always like to associate an album cover with the music):


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