Bad Religion quote #9

I don’t need to be a global citizen
because I’m blessed by nationality

I was born on planet earth
The rotating ball where man comes first
Its been around for a long long time
But now its time to watch it die

Another multi-quote Bad Religion quote post!

The first quote is from “American Jesus”, while the second is from “Watch it Die”. Both from Recipe for Hate.

As I mentioned on Twitter, “American Jesus” is the favourite Bad Religion song for many, or the second favourite (first being “Along the Way” in many cases). Therefore a quote from this song was a must.

It is obviously a sarcastic quote. It is something I feel strongly about as well. We are all humans on Planet Earth. I am Canadian, and generally proud about it, however I definitely stress equality.

The second quote is only really related in the first line. However I added it with the entire verse for context. And I could not resist a quote relating to global warming, or how mankind is raping Planet Earth if you will (or prefer).

Brett Gurewitz commentary on recording Recipe for Hate at

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