Ebony Bones! Montreal show review

The show took place at Le Belmont, a fairly small venue, but it worked out well for the show. A fair number showed up, despite not too much publicity to my knowledge. I saw the ad for the show a few days prior in a weekly Montreal free publication.

The Tony Castles from Brooklyn opened the show. Not really my style, I did not really care for them. They had a couple decent tracks, including the closer, a cover of Tears for Fears’ “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”. They are a three piece, a keyboard player/guitarist, bassist and drummer.

After an approximately twenty minute set change, mostly set modification, as The Tony Castles used Ebony Bones! drum kit, the show was ready to start.

I was standing on an angle off stage right. The bands dressing rooms seem to be accessed from another part of the venue instead of right off the stage, so the members almost marched toward the stage with the two backup singers blowing on whistles, rave style. They all took to the stage save for Ebony Thomas (singer for Ebony Bones!). The two backup singers did a little synchronised trot to their mics at stage left. The show started with the intro from “Warrior”, the spoken (“This is the sounds of Ebony Bones”), leading into the Orwellian “We Know All About U”. It has a nice musical intro, allowing Ebony the chance to wait on the side stage before making her entrance.

Apparent quickly from the live show, they put a lot of effort into making the music jump out much moreso than the studio recordings. It was loud (in a good way), especially the drums, and very good for dancing. Even if it is random dancing. As Ebony Bones! is far from your typical dance outfit.

In total with Ebony, there was seven people on stage. Drummer, two synth players (or whatever they are called, one being a Korg), guitarist, and the two backup singers.

Soon after, “Warrior” was played, along with “The Muzik”, “In G.O.D We Trust (Gold, Oil & Drugs)” and I am pretty sure “Story of St.Ockwell”. Approximately a little over half of the set, the synth player took out the acoustic guitar, one started the song with the intro, while the other finished it. This was for the very melodic mid tempo track “Guess We’ll Always Have NY”. A nice rendition of a very good track. The set also included a cover of “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)”, originally by the Eurythmics.

All in all they stormed through the set at just around 45 minutes, without an encore. A very good live show, that everyone seemed to have enjoyed. I thought it was quite an impressive show for such a young act, however I suppose since they have good material, that helps.


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