Nelly Furtado – Whoa, Nelly!

Nelly Furtado’s excellent debut is just a few months shy of being released ten years ago! It was released October 24, 2000. And it has not aged a day!

I was sorting old clippings, in this case The Simpson’s Sunday comic strip which ran for just under two years (according to Lard Lad) around 2000, 2001. Underneath each one in my newspaper, the Montreal Gazette, they usually had an article aimed toward the youth. So in this case Nelly Furtado was featured. It is dated from October 15, 2000.

21 at the time, it states how the L.A. Times recently called her a “real talent”. It goes on to say that a Rolling Stone reviewer said she is “an extraordinaryly well-developed songwriter”. Also, Entertainment Weekly called her “the thinking woman’s Christina Aguilera.”

In regards to influences she states “I think my creativity has always been connected to the outdoors, to when I was a kid and I’d go outside and sing.” Upon listening to the first single “I’m Like a Bird” this seems evident.

Influences listed in the article includes “Brazilian bossa nova, Indian qawwali, African traditionals, plus techno, drum ‘n’ bass, trip hop, hip hop and even candy pop.” The Nelly vs. Asha Remix of “I’m a Bird” adds a few of those influences.

I have been listening to the 2008 special edition release, that includes five bonus tracks. Including the excellent “I Feel You” featuring Esthero, which was previously not widely available. There’s even a Dan the Automator remix of “…On the Radio”. Dan the Automator being behind numerous great releases including Dr. Octagon’s Dr. Octagonecologyst, and Deltron 3030. I do not normally listen to remixes, however this one is well worth it.

So all in all, almost ten years on, the article was bang on. And her fifth release, Lifestyle, is set to be released later this year. It is looking that it is likely to be released around the time ten years will have elapsed since Whoa, Nelly!.

Ten years, five albums, and still going strong!


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