Paloma Faith – Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful?

The Amy Winehouse comparisons are inevitable, and have probably already occurred since this album came out September 28, 2009. I think I read one beforehand, and saw another while writing this review. And to get it out of the way, I do think “Broken Doll” sounds a little like an Amy Winehouse track, it feels like a mid tempo track that could have been recorded by Winehouse. As does the title track, “Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?”, however it is a slower number, almost ballad like, with a strings section.

To put the comparison to rest, as I will compare artists, for the sole sake of comparison, the lead-off track is “Stone Cold Sober”. Enough said!

Speaking of the lead-off track, it definitely fits the bill. As well as being the first single. It is overflowing with soul, charisma, rock, and horn section.

I usually listen to the music first, and this is no different, however I like to see who the songwriter credits belong to, and I am happy to see Paloma Faith has writing credits on all tracks.

“Upside Down”, is a groovy, bass heavy track, again with soul. I think using the term throwback has been used over and over again, desite that, this track fits that well, similar to some of Christina Aguilera’s work on Back to Basics, however not as showy and elaborate.

“New York” to me is an exceptional song. It is very close to being perfect. It is one of those tracks that manages to bring chills upon listening. It is a soulful ballad that tells a story, and that features London’s Souls of Prophecy Gospel Choir.

Paloma Faith’s first big break came when she was noticed by an A&R man when she was fronting the manager’s band of a pub she worked in. After that, she seems to have been a rebel artist in the vein of P!nk, in that when he refused to turn off his phone during the audition, she eventually stormed off. She said to the record label executive, “if you’re going to be anything to do with my career, I’d rather sing in pubs for the rest of my life. Then I told him to fuck off.”

“Play On” ends the album in good fashion. All in all a solid debut on its own.

Obligatory links:

Official site

Music videos

Stone Cold Sober
New York
Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful
Upside Down


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