Kelis – Flesh Tone (first impressions aka early review)

I finally have listened to the new Kelis long player, Flesh Tone, albeit once (on the second listen now). Usually I like to listen to albums a few times to get a good feel, however after one listen I think I already do, although I will not go into great detail at the moment.

Ever since her excellent debut, Kaleidoscope, I’ve called myself a fan of hers.

Flesh Tone is only nine tracks long, including the intro, yet it still clocks in at over 37 minutes. “22nd Century”, the second track kind of gives the listener a good idea of the album. By the title I mean, however as does the song itself. I am suggesting that the music is very futuristic feeling.

I have not listened to Kelis Was Here extensively, however based on the singles, and from what I know in general, Flesh Tone is a drastically different sound.

In some cases, artists (and bands) making the same album over and over may not always be bad, however evolving as an artist is a very good thing, perhaps essential.

With all that in mind, the new Kelis could be considered electro meets hip hop/R&B. There is even elements in one song that remind me of a prominent rock band. I’ll reveal who in a proper review in a little while.

Definitely worth a listen (and then some).


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