Bad Religion quote #11

The Gray Race is the first Bad Religion album I listened to extensively. I only really got to know them around the time the video for the Stranger Than Fiction version of “21st Century (Digital Boy)” was airing. Therefore making The Gray Race an album I was looking forward to.

With the above in mind, there is many memorable quotes I could pull from the album. However, I will take one from a memorable track (without a doubt) on the album, a song that goes by the name of “Punk Rock Song”.

10 million dollars on a losing campaign
20 million starving and writhing in pain

I think that quote speaks volumes.

It continues:

Big strong people unwilling to give
Small in vision and perspective
One in five kids below the poverty line
One population runnin’ out of time

Among many examples, BP and the oil spill come to mind. How much have they spent on public relations campaigns versus cleanup? With all the insane messes they are causing.

The Gray Race album page at, including Greg’s commentary on recording TGR, and lyrics.


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