Shane Murphy and Basia Bulat Brian Setzer Orchestra and Shad (Festival International de Jazz de Montreal night 2)

Long enough blog post title?

I caught most of Shane Murphy, who I really only knew by name as a local act, as his album, Street Money Miracle, came out last Fall. My friend recommended him, stating he is an accomplished guitarist. And he should know, as he plays and builds guitars himself!

Shane Murphy is very bluesy, but also with a rock edge. He was quite entertaining, and seemed like quite a good guitarist as mentioned (I don’t play, yet!).

If you missed him, and want to see him, he will be playing at Montreal brew pub Brutopia July 2 and 3 (Friday and Saturday).

Finally, day 2 of the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal ended with Basia Bulat.

Tonight’s show was the second of three shows as I mentioned on Twitter. She played, and will play again tomorrow, at the Musée d’art contemporain, located in Place des Arts.

The venue was pretty much a micro auditorium, located in the basement of the Musée.

When I saw her in February, it was more of a proper venue, where it was possible to stand and watch (and react). I was not a particular fan of that setup, however it worked out. She said how night one she was a little nervous as it felt like a high school recital from back in the day. I think my main qualm with this setup was it felt like she could not feed of the audience as much, as we were just sitting, listening. Also slightly since it was a part on the Montreal International Jazz Fest, it was a mix of people in the crowd, not solely her fans, so that took away some possible crowd energy and electricity from the room.

She did enjoy the show after all, as seems she liked us as an audience, and I suppose she got used to the venue. This from what she said on stage and I overheard afterwards. Plus she and her backing band did a two song encore after the song she ends her shows with now (at least in Montreal).

Regardless of the venue, her performance was excellent as it was the last time. And again, her supporting cast of musicians did a great job.

She took the time after the show to meet and greet fans, which was cool. I had a few brief words after the show (since she encouraged us to say hi!) and she seems really down to earth, as she does when performing.

As is the case with all her shows, she did a few songs on her own. Also as her parents are Polish (she was born in Canada though), she did a Polish lullaby as well.

Check Basia out on her myspace page, and her official site.

Next up at the Jazz Fest, Sunday evening, Elizabeth Shepherd, Jah Cutta, and The Planet Smashers. The former two are still during the day, so I can get some decent pictures.


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