Bad Religion quote #13

You’ve got a chance to confront the world today

The start of the chorus on track one, “You’ve Got a Chance”, from The New America, the album that would eventually spell the return of Brett Gurewitz to the band.

The quote is pretty straight forward, basically, you do have a chance. It continues,

Desperate romance is the curse of castaways
What good is skill if you don’t make it to the dance?


Despite circumstance, you’ve got a chance.

Bonus quote, also from “You’ve Got a Chance”:

I’m tired of all this Shakespearean misinformation

The way I see that quote, for example could be the mainstream news, we have to seek out the truth on our own, and make sure it is heard. Hence the first quote as well.

The New America album cover:

This is the international album cover (and I believe that it was originally going to be the main album cover, however I guess that changed at some point):

Greg on recording and artwork for The New America at


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