Bad Religion quote #14

Disjointed politics founded on petrochemical plunder and we’re its hostages

An easy choice from the excellent album The Process of Belief. The song being “Kyoto Now!”. Easy choice given the current BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. And big oil in general. The time is now for 100% clean energy. If we the consumers speak loudly enough, and ensure our voices are heard, they will have to listen. That includes trying to use as little petroleum based products as possible.

Finally, skim off some oiliness from your everyday life. Obvious enough when it comes to choosing cycling and subways over gas-powered transport, but can you get through the rest of your week without buying a single item of plastic (from electronics cases to dental floss)? Can you steer clear of petrochemicals altogether? That means no synthetic fabrics, no synthetic fragrances, no foods grown with synthetic fertilizers, no synthetic shampoos.

That is from Now Toronto’s most recent Ecoholic column written by Adria Vasil. Read it in its entirety, at And read all of her Ecoholic articles and access the Ecocast here.

And as usual, access full album lyrics, Greg on writing, and Brett on recording The Process of Belief at the album page at


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