V.V. Brown – Travelling Like the Light

If the Motown sound still existed today, it would be a safe bet to say V.V. Brown would be doing Motown proud!

I mention Motown, and this really comes to mind most significantly on “L.O.V.E.”, however in general, it’s a great soul, and rock (also as in rock & roll) and dance album! VV Brown does not really want to be confined to a single genre, although she had thought of doowop indie, which sounds right.

V.V. Brown, born as Vanessa Brown is yet another talented English female singer making waves. Her debut, Travelling Like the Light, was actually released a year ago (in the UK, earlier this year in North America), however I only caught the video for “Shark in the Water” late last year or so. A very pleasant surprise. A soulful, yet fun single, and making for a great listen.

If the album itself was not enough to show off VV Brown’s talent, the way in which she writes her songs drives the point home. She believes songs come to the artists, and not the other way around, that certain chords and melodies are associated with certain lyrics. “Crying Blood” was written (as was the whole album apparently!) on a one string guitar! The Presidents of the United States of America would be proud (listen to “Back Porch”)!

The album jumps right in, and quickly starts with the rock and soul in nature, “Quick Fix”. For the most part the album is generally mostly up-tempo, and a highly pleasurable listen. It does slow down for “Back in Time”, and “I Love You”. It picks back up with the retro soul number “L.O.V.E.”. Another love song follows, in “Everybody”. This is a modern toe tapping bass heavy, piano heavy track. Making for an excellent example as a track not released as a single. “Game Over” a nicely layered R&B/soul track, that includes percussive elements and hand claps.

As a whole, I highly recommend the album. It makes for an especially great summer listen.

Music videos:

Crying Blood
Shark in the Water
Game Over

Plenty more on YouTube:

VV Brown YouTube channel
VV Brown US YouTube channel
If that was not enough,
VV Brown on Vevo!

Exclusive Interview: VV Brown on Piano
V.V. Brown – Crying Blood (Acoustic)


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