Two quality folk EPs (Martha Wainwright and Lissie)

First up, Martha Wainwright’s I Will Internalize. Released in 2005. This is a fairly straightforward folk album. Martha Wainwright’s voice suited very well for folk.

The album starts off with “I Will Internalize”, which really is a traditional folk song (in that it fits the bill, not that it is a cover), nicely done is how she emphasizes the words ‘moon’ and ‘night’, in the lyric “And the moon is lost every night”, and similarly on the rest of the verse. On “Baby”, nice vocal emphasis is placed on the line “I know, I know, I know, I know” throughout the song. It’s a strong acoustic guitar backed track.

Her brother Rufus guests on “Bring Back My Heart”, with almost Thom Yorke like vocals.

Probably not at all related, however “New York, New York, New York” reminds me of Dylan’s “Talkin’ New York”, as she has her New York woes with not being able to find a room to stay in (there just ain’t no vacancy).

With Martha having released her Piaf record, where she sings none other than Édith Piaf, “Dis, quand reviendras-tu?” demonstrates how well she can sing in French. The song is originally done by Barbara (Monique Andrée Serf), who herself actually has sung Piaf before as well.

A completely different folk EP, Lissie’s Why You Runnin’. Lissie being more Americana styled folk, with a touch of country and southern inspiration.

Lissie was born in Rock Island Illinois, part of the Quad Cities, two of which are in Illinois (Moline and Rock Island), and two in Iowa (Davenport and Bettendorf). An area I have visited as I have family roots in that area, so it gives me a good idea of where she is coming from. The Quad Cities of course part of the midwest, and bordering the Mississippi. “Oh Mississippi” is an ode to said mighty river, unfortunately now laden with pollutants.

Why You Runnin’ is her first major release, an EP released on Fat Possum records. It was released last November, and her debut is now out in the United Kingdom, and is being released Stateside and in North America tomorrow, August 17.

“Little Lovin'” is just loaded with Americana, lyrics such as”Appalachian farmer”, “Mississippi moonchild”, “Fightin’ Illini”, and “Tenne saw what you see” to name a few examples. It is a very catchy number that builds up to the EP album title lyric, “why you runnin'”, and continues on to the end with with whoas, and handclaps, and the same guitar chord repeated. Making for a track that progresses nicely.

“Everywhere I Go” is a striking track, with well placed percussion accenting the track.

All in all, two folk EPs, that are different in style, but share the fact they are both excellent releases.


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