It Might Get Loud film review

Three musicians, united by their love for the electric guitar.

It Might Get Loud features Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White, three guitarists with very different styles, and backgrounds, coming together to talk about the electric guitar, and play together as well. Jack White, who seems to be well on his way to being an accomplished guitarist can probably consider himself lucky to have been included in the three (even though it was about the generational thing). As he mentions early in the film, before the three get together how he is planning on tricking them (Jimmy Page and The Edge) into teaching him their techniques. The trio of musicians work well together, of three different time periods.

The film starts with Jack Black creating a simple one string guitar, and then saying “who says you need to buy a guitar”. With Jack, that seems to be a common theme, the simplicity being something he very much appreciates. As is obvious with his favourite song of all time, Son House’s “Grinnin’ in Your Face”, just singing and clapping, one man against the world. Also the case with his primary band The White Stripes, of course being a two piece band. He refers to the Flat Duo Jets, who had only guitar, drums and vocals. Simplicity again, as very little is needed to be able to form a band and rock out.

It also features each particular musicians background, how each chose the guitar, or how the guitar chose them. With that comes a background on their respective musical ventures, however it does not go into great depth, as the main subject is indeed the guitar.

Jack White, and Jimmy Page have blues backgrounds as major influences, while The Edge refers to having seen the Jam on Top of the Pops, and that was big for him. Images of The Jam, the Buzzcocks, and the Ramones goes by while The Edge states, “if we believed fully in what we were about, that actually was far more important than how well you could play”. Very true about punk rock.

The film was released August 14, 2009, a few months after U2’s latest, No Line on the Horizon. During the film though, The Edge is seen in his Dublin home presumably, working on the guitar for “Get on Your Boots”.

Notable is Jimmy Page discussing recording at Headley Grange. Also, The Edge discussing the inspiration behind “Sunday Blood Sunday”. Also The Edge’s guitar technician describing how he very rarely uses the same guitar effect twice during a concert.

I never was too fond of The White Stripes, however after seeing this film, I might just have to give them more of a listen, along with Jack’s side projects. For education purposes of course!

All in all a definitely worthwhile film to see for fans of any rock based music, even if just to see the three of them jamming, playing eachother’s music, and discussing how particular riffs came about. The history is well worth it too.

Since the film has been out for a while now, I checked it out on DVD, and the DVD bonus features are worth checking out too.


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