Overlooked albums, TLC – 3D

A new feature on this blog, albums I feel that were overlooked.

TLC - 3DTLC’s final album, 3D was released after the unfortunate death of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes. Of course a terrible shame, first and foremost as a human being. After which she was a very talented artist, as a part of TLC, and on her own (her 2001 solo album Supernova for one example). Of course as a part of TLC, they were at the top of their game in the late 90’s. And had Left Eye been around at the time of the release of 3D, being able to promote it, and create music videos to accompany the album, there’s no doubt it could have been as big as FanMail. The album still did perform fairly well, however it surely has been overlooked my many.

From the opener, “3D (Intro)”, the album wastes no time getting off to a fast start. With the almost Outkast like beats, it is a great intro/opener, and works well on its own. “Quickie” follows, and includes a rap from Left Eye.

“Turntable” commences with a guitar intro, continues as a very catchy groovy song that words cannot describe, produced by Rodney Jerkins. It would have worked well as a double a-side along with “Unpretty”, as it is an optimistic song (“I know that through all the struggle there’s a bright road at the end of the tunnel”). Not to mention clever word play too: “you’ll learn life is worth it watch the tables turn”.

The Neptunes produced “In Your Arms Tonight”. From the very first beat it has Neptunes written all over it. Proving that TLC meeting the Neptunes works very well. Excellent production work continues with the again tough to describe, yet very good, Raphael Saddiq produced “So So Dumb”. Rodney Jerkins produced three tracks in total (“Turntable”, “Over Me”, and “Hey Hey Hey Hey”), all done well, without a doubt much credit belongs to the performers. Dallas Austin (Boyz II Men, Madonna’s “Secret”, Monica, P!nk, etc.) produces three tracks as well (“3D (Intro)”, “Quickie”, and “Damaged”).

As a whole, an excellent urban album. Again, Left Eye was a terrible loss, as is the case for Aaliyah, we can only imagine the high caliber of music that may have been released.


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