Nellie McKay new album, Home Sweet Mobile Home, September 28!

Seems the news was fairly recently announced (just over a month ago it seems) , as I just found out. Anyway, Nellie McKay will release her new album Home Sweet Mobile Home on September 28! As with her last release, Normal as Blueberry Pie – A Tribute to Doris Day (October 13, 2009), it will be released on Verve Music Group, a jazz label owned by Universal Music Group. Surely she is being treated better than her ordeal with Columbia/Sony where she got the boot from them, and had to self release Pretty Little Head on her own label (marketed and manufactured by SpinArt Records), as with Obligatory Villagers.

Since SpinArt went bankrupt, Wikipedia states: “Pretty Little Head is now being distributed by Sony in its original, 23-track 2-CD version, effectively bringing the album back to Columbia”, I’m glad I purchased my copy while it was independent! Although, I’ll definitely still pick up Home Sweet Mobile Home. Prior to getting the boot from Sony, they wanted to release Pretty Little Head in a 16 track version, luckily it did get released in the full version!

It will be her first album of original material since said Obligatory Villagers (September 25, 2007). And since that was a jazz album, it will be returning to her traditional genre of pop/singer-songwriter.

Overall it will be her fifth release! Her excellent debut Get Away From Me was released February 10, 2004, which in my mind is definitely one of the best albums released in the 00’s decade.

This is now my most anticipated album of the Fall.

The track list is as follows (thanks to TwentyFourBit):

1. Bruise On The Sky
2. Adios
3. Caribbean Time
4. Please
5. Beneath The Underdog
6. Dispossessed
7. The Portal
8. ¡Bodega!
9. Coosada Blues
10. No Equality
11. Absolute Elsewhere
12. Unknown Reggae
13. Bluebird

Head on over to for a download of “Caribbean Time”! And visit her on MySpace at


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